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Protein Diet : Get Perfect Fitness Tips For Healthy Life

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See how it works protein diet and what their contraindications, check here! One of the most famous diets is currently diet sure with protein, is presenting the results, either by controversy over its side effects. Let us explain a little then how it works, really produces results, and most importantly, what the side effects that may occur in use. Come on?

Protein Diet

What is protein diet?

The dietary protein, also known as repetition diet limits intake of carbohydrates and prioritizes the proteins to promote weight loss. Created by American cardiologist Robert Coleman Atkins in the 1970s, the regime causes much controversy because enable high intake of fat and carbohydrates take the menu of its adherents.

One of the advantages of this diet is the rapid loss of extra pounds without making you go hungry. This is because the protein away the appetite for a longer period, which helps moderate appetite. The diet of protein carries only 1000 calories, so should be followed only seven days a week, to avoid any damage to your health. Furthermore, it should be accompanied by an expert to be more successful.

Protein diet Menu 


Scrambled Eggs Cooked eggs or

Simple or omelet with cheese and ham

Iced tea

Coffee or Tea Mate

Unsweetened juice or unsweetened tea (can only use sweetener if you like)





Salad in General

Salpicão (homemade mayonnaise, salad, chili, chicken, boiled eggs, tomato and chayote)

Beef, Pork, Chicken (if any sauce, only with homegrown tomatoes)

Fish, shrimp, tuna, lobster, crab or mussels


Scrambled Eggs Cooked eggs or

Simple or omelet with cheese and ham

Diet soda or unsweetened juice (can sweeten with sweetener)


Gelatin Diet

Diet strawberry jam (Adocyl and Sweet-Minor)

Afternoon snack:

Iced Tea or Hot / Café




Food “light”

Protein diet problems

Well, experts point out various problems in using this diet, such as:

High production ketosis – bad breath and excess ammonia in the body;

It causes dizziness, fatigue, weakness and impairs memory;

“Accordion effect”: Being a short term diet with rapid weight loss, the body tends to recover all the fat after that person leaves the protein diet. It is a great damage to the body;

High consumption of saturated fat: The high fat consumption (which is released in this diet), especially saturated, favors the increase in cholesterol levels.

Loss of lean weight: This diet is misleading as it loses only liquid and lean body mass and preserves the body fat reducing the activity of the pancreas;

It favors the long-term weight loss: This diet, although promotes fast weight loss in those who can follow it has not been shown to promote a long-term weight loss.

In fact, all medical insitem a nutritional education brings much more results in the long run than protein diet, which only operates in the short term and may even bring the problems cited above.


Well, needless to say, all restrictive diet like that protein needs medical care, where he surely need to analyze their rates triglycerides, cholesterol, and other important data to make sure that it really can be adopted in your case. We are not responsible for the misuse of the contents presented herein. Always consult your doctor or nutritionist, do not protein diet on their own, ok?

If you’ve done any type diet, how about sharing with us? Comments are at the disposal!

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